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SS Coolidge

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The largest most easily accessible shipwreck in the world, dive with us on the SS President Coolidge and you will be diving with the Coolidge experts. Allan Power has made more than 15,000 dives on her and has shown more than 20,000 divers "The Lady". The Coolidge is close to the shore and divers only have a short walk to the sheltered breakwall before gently dropping down to the ship.
Sunk by an American mine in Santo waters, the ship lies in 20 - 70 meters (66 - 231 feet) of clear, calm water and offers divers the chance to explore the remnants of a World War II troop ship, which was formally a luxury liner.The ship is so big that even if you dived her ten times in different locations, you would still only view a part of her. The night dive is awesome, with flashlight fish lighting up the cargo holds lobby and bow. The night dives are recounted among divers for years and seldom forgotten. 
Allan Power and his team have guided on the Coolidge for over 30 years. As most of the dives are over 30 meters (100 feet), decompression stops are necessary. These stops are made in the unique coral garden built by Allan and his team. Here you can see a colourful array of hard coral, and fish life. Before he disappeared a while ago, divers would also regularly see Boris, the 200 kg (440 lb) grouper who came for daily feeds at the 3 meter (10 feet) safety stop.

The President Coolidge is living proof of the success of an artificial reef in attracting marine life to an area - without a doubt the wreck of the Coolidge is the best reef dive in Vanuatu.
Facts And Figures
Built Oct 1931
Sank Oct 1942
Overall length 198.2 meters/654 feet
Gross tons  21,936
Speed  20.5 knots
Radius (miles)  14,400 miles
Construction cost  US$8,017,690 

Passenger liner capacity -
305  First class
133  Tourist class
402  Steerage

In combat configeration - over 5000 troop on board 

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